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What Is the Invisalign Process?

Straightening your teeth has never been easier or less frightening. You don’t need to walk around with a mouth full of metal or put up with uncomfortable wires and bands. Instead, the Invisalign process removes the hassle with nearly invisible trays that gently push your teeth into their proper alignment.
And when you rely on the experts at your nearby Stamford Dental Arts office, that process is seamless. Begin your journey to a more attractive smile. Call today for a free consultation to see if you qualify for the state-of-the-art process known as Invisalign.

The Invisalign process is a method that gets you straighter teeth and accomplishes it much faster than the process that uses traditional braces. In fact, if you commit to wearing the custom-made clear aligners as often as you can, you can expect your process to take as little time as three to six months. One of the Invisalign benefits is that the aligners reverse the aging process. You look younger with straighter teeth.

Most people, especially teenagers, dread the metal mouth appearance that comes with traditional braces. This is exactly the reason why Invisalign teeth straightening clear aligners are so popular. The dental devices are virtually invisible, and they gently force misaligned teeth into their proper position.

Getting Invisalign for you or your teenagers is easy, especially if you aren’t far from Stamford Dental center in Stamford, Connecticut. Your orthodontic dentist can manage the whole Invisalign process from the office, with noticeable results showing up in about four to six weeks. Best of all, the Stamford Invisalign system works for almost everyone, as there are no side effects, and the need to fix wires, brackets and bands is eliminated.

The Consultation Phase

The Invisalign process starts with a consultation with your Stamford dentist. Discerning the shape of your mouth and how your teeth are set helps your dentist decide how to approach your teeth straightening. At the same time, you’re given a thorough teeth cleaning and examination, to check if you need a cavity filled. Gum disease treatment may also be necessary for the periodontal disease before you can begin the Invisalign process.

Your dentist then checks to see if you have a dental crown or bridge, which may make you ineligible for Invisalign aligners. Dental veneers and single tooth implants also interfere with a successful Invisalign process because they don’t move the same as your natural teeth during the straightening process. Mention if you suffer from sleep apnea or teeth grinding, as either may damage the Invisalign clear aligner trays.

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Addressing Your Misalignment

The next step, once your teeth are fully treated for other conditions, is to determine what type of malocclusion you have and which type of Invisalign you need to correct the problem. Conditions that respond best to Invisalign teeth straightening include:

Once your nearby dentist in Stamford determines the best course of treatment, your clear aligner trays are custom-made for your needs using state-of-the-art 3D imaging.

Getting Invisalign Aligners

Once you get your first set of Invisalign trays, you can start. Sometimes, small invisible attachments are added to your teeth so the trays fit better. You need fewer dentist appointments — about once every six to eight weeks — as compared to traditional braces. Still, it’s better to choose a dental clinic nearby to Stamford because you can pick up your new clear aligners more easily.

Your best-rated Stamford dentist supplies your aligners with a list of Invisalign instructions for you to follow. Some of these instructions include:

How to safely remove your braces to eat. There are no dietary restrictions, but you need to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before popping the trays back in.

  • When to remove your aligners for playing certain sports, such as those for which you need to wear a mouthguard.
  • What to use and not use to clean your clear aligners
  • Cleaning the trays is easy: just use water and when necessary, an occasional toothbrush.
  • A list of beverages that you should avoid preventing staining.

Straighten Teeth with the Invisalign Process

The Invisalign process involves a system of clear, plastic trays that fit each stage of your teeth straightening progress. Your dentist checks your teeth periodically, making sure the trays fit properly and your teeth are moving correctly. You usually need to swap your trays every one to three weeks.

Using the Invisalign aligners causes your teeth to shift gradually, causing little to no pain. You only feel mild discomfort when you slip on a new aligner, but that goes away as your mouth adjusts to the trays. The team at Stamford Dental Arts also relies on Propel acceleration to speed the process.

To get the best results out of your Invisalign, you need to wear the aligners as much as possible, as close to 24 hours a day as you can get. Depending on the severity of your crooked teeth, you may need to continue with the Invisalign process for three to six months. Once the aligners come off, you need to wear retainers for some time to keep your teeth from shifting back. When you’re ready for a more perfect smile and a seamless bite, contact Stamford Dental Arts to start your Invisalign process.

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