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Is Invisalign Able to Correct Gaps?

Michael Strahan, Anthony Anderson, Anna Paquin and Madonna all enjoy successful careers in front of a camera with obvious gaps in their front teeth. Technically called diastema, the condition may or may not give you a reason to hide your smile. But gaps in other parts of your mouth aren’t nearly as cute and can lead to severe consequences to your dental health.
Whether you want to reduce a gap in your front teeth or worry about gum disease due to other gaps, Invisalign for gaps offers a safe, easy, invisible solution. Your nearby dentist at Stamford Dental Arts in CT can set you up for success to help you reach your ultimate smile makeover goals. Call today for an evaluation to see if you’re a candidate for Invisalign for gaps.

Invisalign for Gaps
Invisalign for Gaps
Invisalign provides an unobtrusive and quick method for correcting minor gaps or other misalignments of your teeth. Crooked teeth and gaps make you look older. Corrected, you can reverse the clock. Since your smile delivers the first impression for many of your encounters, feeling your best about how you present yourself to the world makes all the difference.

Additionally, when you have gaps in your teeth, your gums are more vulnerable to bacteria and associated gum disease. Invisalign for gaps minimizes or completely corrects gaps in your teeth and provides a smooth, even look to your teeth and smile. They close the space to allow proper gum health and development. At Stamford Dental Arts, your dentist is an Invisalign Premium provider.

How Your Gap May Have Occurred

After you’ve had a thorough checkup and teeth cleaning, your Stamford dentist discusses your medical and dental history to determine the underlying cause behind your gap. The gaps may have developed for any number of reasons, including:

  • Undersized teeth
  • The size of your jawbone
  • Overgrowth of gum tissue at the base of your teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Injury or decay, resulting in missing teeth
  • Mismatched upper and lower jaws
  • Thumb-sucking as a child
  • Conditions that inhibit swallowing and push the teeth forward also called tongue thrust
  • Heredity, as some tooth development is genetic. You may be comfortable with a gap in your front teeth, as many people enjoy the uniqueness in their smile that it provides. But gaps in other parts of your mouth are more problematic. Sizeable gaps can result in a greater chance for gum disease, as well as allowing other teeth to either improperly shift into the open space or wear incorrectly due to a poor bite match.

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The Benefits of Invisalign for Gaps

Invisalign consists of customized plastic aligners that progressively move your teeth closer together, eliminating the gaps that may affect you or increase your risks of gum disease and improper jaw development. The majority of people who wear Stamford Invisalign dentures for gaps report great satisfaction not only with the result but also with the actual Invisalign process, which usually requires less than a year to complete.

Depending on how much your teeth need to move, you may only need five months instead of 18 months that’s common with braces. Your top dental surgeon in Stamford routinely finishes the process in less than six months due to his association with Dr. Galler and the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA), which provides access to special Invisalign software that roughly only a thousand other dentists in the country have access to.

This shortens the length of treatment by reducing the number of aligners necessary to complete the movements of your teeth. You’re also encouraged to change aligners every five days, instead of every one to three weeks, since the process moves so quickly and smoothly.

Concerns for Invisalign

Invisalign isn’t for everyone. Some conditions require more extensive treatment options. Realistic expectations help increase your overall positive experience. Your nearby Stamford general dentist, Ali Modiri DDS prepares you for the experience, so as the gaps close, you’re ready for the process. And since your orthodontic team is close by, getting your next batch of Invisalign trays becomes more convenient.

By closely following your dentist’s instructions, the gaps close in no time with little or no ill effects. Quickly overcome common concerns that include:

  • Staining. Any time you drink dark liquids or eat anything, remove your aligners and thoroughly brush them before replacing them. You can eat and drink anything except food that contains turmeric or curry products since they stain the trays bright yellow.
  • Discomfort. Alleviate any discomfort with Munchies, a device that works in conjunction with your clear aligners. Your dentists recommend that you make a small investment in Munchies, designed to make the fit of aligners more accurate and shorten the treatment time. Munchies allows you to straighten your teeth comfortably and effectively.
  • Speech difficulties and excess saliva formation. When you first get your aligners, you may need a few days to adjust to speaking around the trays and handling the extra saliva. Your mouth and teeth adapt significantly in just a few days.

The best Invisalign for gaps treatment requires dedication, commitment, and a few minor lifestyle adjustments. Most people report significant satisfaction with the Invisalign process as they continue with their daily lives and watch the gaps disappear in a virtually invisible manner. Contact your Stamford, CT dentist and ask about Invisalign for gaps option for you.

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