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What Is Invisalign Treatment for Uneven Bite?

An uneven bite is not only unattractive, but it can lead to a number of health issues if you don’t get it corrected. Not being able to chew your food can lead to digestive issues. You’re also at a higher risk of tooth decay and jaw pain when you live with an uneven bite.
You may be reluctant to get braces because you don’t want to live with a mouth full of metal for a year. Consider instead the highly practical and effective teeth straightening afforded you with Invisalign clear aligners from the trusted dental office. You’ll look and feel much better without braces. Call for an appointment today.

Invisalign for overbite
Invisalign for overbite

When you have an uneven bite, it’s more than annoying; it’s a health hazard. But braces aren’t your only option. If you’re looking for a way to get a straighter smile without braces, your Stamford dentist may suggest Invisalign for an uneven bite. Invisalign gently moves your teeth into place without the use of wires, metals, or rubber bands.

Invisalign is a brand name of clear aligners, also called invisible braces. Invisalign dental appliances are custom-made and resemble mouthguards. Improving your smile with Invisalign makes an orthodontic correction for an uneven bite more comfortable and less conspicuous. Our advanced dental practice in Connecticut offers expert care for all your dental concerns, including treatment for an uneven bite.

What Is an Uneven Bite?

Straight teeth are part of an attractive smile. A healthy bite allows your upper teeth to fit slightly over your lower teeth. The points of the molars need to fit in the grooves of the opposite molar. When teeth aren’t aligned, it’s called a bad bite or malocclusion. Some types of malocclusion include:

An uneven bite leads to difficulty chewing, biting, and speaking. Crooked teeth may make you feel self-conscious and cause you to avoid social and professional relationships. Invisalign corrects a wide variety of bite problems. It’s an ideal solution for straightening teeth without having to wear metallic braces.

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Uneven Bite Symptoms

Some malocclusion problems cause discomfort and pain. Other problems with your bite can cause major damage to your teeth without producing any obvious discomfort. There are a number of simple ways that can help determine whether you have an uneven bite. Symptoms of having an uneven bite include:

  • Discomfort and pain when clenching your teeth together: You should be able to grind your teeth together in all directions and bite hard without feeling discomfort and pain in any tooth if your bite is correct. An exception to this is when a person has advanced periodontal disease.
  • Pain and discomfort: You can suspect a possible relationship between your bite and a TMJ problem if biting causes pain and discomfort in the jaw joint. It might also be associated with a structural disorder in your TMJ.
  • Severe wear: Another sign indicating that you have an uneven bit is when you have severe wear on your teeth. You will notice a darker-colored surface if you have worn all the enamel off the biting edges of your teeth.
  • Difficulties with biting and chewing: People who have misaligned bite often place unnecessary pressure on their teeth. This is especially true if you suffer from advanced crossbites, overbites, underbites, and open bites issues. Because of these problems, chewing during a meal causes severe discomfort and pain.

The easiest way to determine whether you have an uneven bite is to voice your concerns with your dentists and undergo a physical examination. Some types of bites are misaligned in a subtle way and many of them do not cause any problems at all.

Your dental specialist has a specific way of testing for proper alignment of your teeth and whether or not there could be any consequences of an uneven bite. X-ray or teeth impressions will allow your dentist to decide the best treatment for an uneven bite.

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The Invisalign Teeth Straightening Process

Your dentist’s expertise, combined with powerful Invisalign technology, makes it possible to straighten your teeth without braces. Invisalign aligners correct your uneven bite and improve your smile. First, your dentist takes a digital scan of your teeth, which creates an animation that shows how to straighten your uneven bite.

With 3D technology, your customized clear aligners are created for you from flexible plastic. These retainers fit snugly and apply just the right amount of pressure to move your teeth as recommended by your leading Stamford dentist. You wear each aligner for one to three weeks. You must visit your dentist every six to eight weeks to check your progress and pick up new aligners. For best results, wear your aligners as much as possible, as close to 24 hours a day as you can get.

Benefits of Invisalign

The benefits of Invisalign are obvious. Invisalign for overlapping front teeth is a much more discreet option than traditional braces. These clear aligners are virtually invisible. No one will notice you’re wearing them. You can remove them to eat and drink all your favorite foods. You have to remove your aligners to brush and floss your teeth. Enjoy having no wires or brackets to get in the way.

The clear plastic material fits tightly over your teeth. You may experience some initial pressure or tenderness. There’s usually much less discomfort than you experience from traditional braces, and treatment time usually is much shorter.

Looking for Teeth Straightening Nearby in Stamford?

Invisalign may be the answer you’re seeking to fix an uneven bite. The Invisalign process improves the appearance of your smile and rolls back the clock, making you look younger. You’ll not only feel more confident, but oral care becomes easier, which reduces the risk of dental disease.

The cost of Invisalign is much less than the long-term effects on your digestive system when you can’t chew. It’s a small price to pay to regain your confidence and your looks. Invisalign is appropriate for both adults and disciplined adolescents with an uneven bite. Contact Stamford Dental Arts today to set up a free consultation. Find out whether Invisalign teeth straightening is right for you or your teenager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons to fix an uneven bite?

There are numerous benefits that come along with fixing an uneven bite, making it worth the effort and time of undergoing treatment. The main ones include:

  • Correcting the bite assists you in feeling more comfortable with the appearance.
  • Uneven bite treatment allows you to avoid potential complications associated with the damage to your teeth. When your teeth are misaligned, uneven wear is placed on certain teeth. Fixing this problem keeps your teeth healthy.
  • Correcting bite issues can alleviate discomfort and pain for patients who suffer from TMJ disorders.

Correcting uneven bite has many benefits for your well-being and health. It is a fairly common dental treatment that can be done at our clinic with the highest caliber of quality. Let our dentists make your life pain-free.

What causes an uneven bite?

Uneven bite causes include:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Genetics
  • Underbite or overbite
  • Accidental injury
  • Trauma
  • Jaw clenching
  • Teeth grinding

Uneven bite treatment highly depends on its cause. Therefore, your dental specialist determines what has triggered the problem and then develops a treatment plan.

Can Invisalign fix an uneven bite?

Previously, Invisalign was not considered an effective treatment for fixing an uneven bite. Although, the latest technological advancements have allowed Invisalign aligners to become an ideal solution to this problem more than ever before. Consequently, Invisalign is capable of managing a wide variety of bite issues, including:

  • Overbites
  • Crossbites
  • Underbites
  • Open bites

The success of Invisalign aligners for treating an uneven bite depends on the severity of the condition. For an extremely misaligned bite treatment to be successful, traditional braces are recommended. It is explained by the fact that aligners do not address back teeth in the way conventional braces do.

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