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What is a Dental Membership Plan?

Membership Plans enable patients of cosmetic dentistry in Stamford to get comprehensive, affordable dental care that helps them maintain their oral health without the hassles of insurance. The plans are simple, transparent and less expensive than insurance with no waiting periods, deductibles, annual maximums, or pre-approvals. Just great care at an affordable price!

There are 3 ways to join our membership plan:

  • Sign up at our front desk or
  • Enter our office code BA4R at
  • Point your phone camera at the image below
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Professional Dental Care at Affordable Price

It is extremely important to maintain your overall dental wellness and health. This can be achieved by regular top-rated Stamford dentist checkups. Usually, the main barrier that discourages people to visit dentists on a regular basis is the fear of cost. This concern can be alleviated by getting committed to a dental membership plan directly with your Stamford dentistry center. It will help you to get on track to maintaining proper oral health. Membership plans have a number of benefits including comprehensive and affordable dental care. It is also a great alternative to paying for your dental care out of your own pocket. There are number of different plans that can be tailored to your family and individual needs. It is very easy to understand these plans and they are also very reliable. The majority of them include preventive care procedures including exams, cleanings and x-rays.

Membership Plans are a great option for existing uninsured patients, retiring patients that are losing dental benefits, dormant patients that avoid visits due to cost or lack of coverage, and uninsured consumers that rarely visit the dentist. A Membership Plan gives these patients what they need to commit to regular visits to dental specialists in Stamford and needed treatment.

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