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What Is Stamford Invisalign

Invisalign is a brand name for teeth straighteners that have become so ubiquitous that people even refer to other brands colloquially as Invisalign. That’s because the high-tech devices are so successful at straightening teeth without braces, especially when administered by an expert like your dentist at the Stamford Dental Arts.
Once you’ve addressed any underlying tooth decay or gum disease, you may make an ideal candidate for Invisalign if you have one of the bite issues that affect both your appearance and your dental health. Only your dentists at Stamford Dental Arts can tell you if you are one of those candidates. Call today for a free evaluation.

Everyone who’s heard about the invisible teeth-straightening options available with Invisalign wants to know if they’re a good candidate for the process. This transparent alternative to common wire braces provides consistent pressure on your teeth for sustained movement, which achieves straighter, more desirable teeth. And best of all, the aligners are discreet and virtually invisible, with no metal in your mouth.


But are you a good candidate? An ideal invisible braces candidate has less than perfect teeth, but healthy gums. You may have a dental condition that needs to be treated before you’re ready for the invisible teeth straighteners. Fortunately, your nearby dentists at Stamford cosmetic dentistry center are Invisalign experts; they can prepare you for a smile makeover with the best alternative to braces on the market.

Specialized materials and state-of-the-art diagnostic scanning technology increase the success rate of your Invisalign experience. A free consultation with the best-rated local Stamford dentists Ali Modiri, DDS, and Marjan Moghadam, DDS may result in an optimal treatment plan for clear aligners. Most treatments can be completed in three to six months, much faster than conventional braces. And you don’t have to put up with the unpleasant look and feel of metal brackets and wires. If you have any Invisalign questions contact our Stamford Invisalign specialists today!

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Conditions Treatable by Invisalign

Invisalign teeth straighteners not only improve your appearance but help you avoid damaging dental conditions that often occur when you have crooked teeth. You’re an acceptable Invisalign candidate if you have any of the common uneven bite issues, such as:

  • Overbite. If your upper teeth bite over your lower teeth, you may experience uneven wear and tear on your lower teeth, as well as joint and jaw pain. An overbite also affects your speech and stands out when it affects your front teeth.
  • Underbite. If your lower teeth rest past your upper front teeth, this condition leads to uneven wear patterns and the accompanying jaw and joint problems.
  • Open bite. When you bite down, some of your teeth may not be able to make physical contact with their upper or lower counterparts. An open bite condition affects chewing and cleaning. It can result in TMJ dysfunction.
  • Crossbite. Whether due to injury or genetics, some individuals’ upper and lower jaws don’t line up correctly. Uneven wear, gum disease, bone loss, and chewing frustrations can result.
  • Noticeable gaps. Resulting from missing teeth or abnormal jaw growth, gapped teeth expose your gums unnaturally, allowing bacteria easy access. Gingivitis and periodontal disease may occur as a result of untreated gaps.

A number of other conditions also make you an ideal Invisalign candidate. Seek the benefits of Invisalign when you experience:

  • Overcrowding. Wisdom teeth, late-blooming molars, often crowd the rest of your teeth. As a result, you need wisdom teeth removal. If you don’t have your wisdom teeth extracted, you may end up with crooked teeth, tooth decay, plaque accumulation, and an increased risk of gum disease.
  • One or two crooked teeth. If you have generally straight teeth with only one or two affecting your appearance, you may make a great Invisalign candidate. Subtle changes happen quickly, and your perfected smile enhances your look.
  • A mix of baby and permanent teeth. Whether you’re a teen or someone who never lost all your baby teeth, Invisalign for kids helps resolve mismatched teeth and encourages the growth of your permanent teeth into proper alignment.

Conditions that May Disqualify You as an Invisalign Candidate

While you may feel that all you really need are straighter teeth to have better oral health, you may not make an ideal Invisalign candidate. If your Stamford dentist determines you need additional dental work, you’ve got to get that done first. Some conditions that make you ineligible to get Invisalign include:

  • The need to move your teeth vertically. Invisalign works best with horizontal tooth movement
  • You’ve had previous bridgework that won’t respond to the Invisalign process Your misalignment involves rotation of your premolars or canines
  • Certain conditions that primarily involve your back teeth
  • An inability to faithfully wear the retainers for up to 24 hours a day

Ideal Invisalign candidates are committed to their treatment with relatively minor adjustments needed. If your teeth are mildly crooked, gapped or misaligned, you may make a great Invisalign candidate. Contact your Stamford dentist for a free consultation to find out if you can join the more than seven million people who have successfully relied on Invisalign for straighter teeth.

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