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What is Dental Bonding?

If you’re looking in the mirror and wishing you could fix, repair, cover-up, or just enhance unattractive, unhealthy teeth, now is the perfect time to do it. At our dental office in Stamford, you have a wide range of options that improve not only the appearance of your teeth but also their functionality. Straighten crooked teeth with Invisalign trays or get a set of implant dentures to replace missing teeth.
You can choose a variety of cosmetic options for minor flaws too with one of the most popular and least expensive procedures: dental bonding. Look natural and improve your dental health and appearance with the bonding that matches the color of your other teeth. Call your family dentist in Stamford to make an appointment today.

Dental bonding hides the flaws in your teeth, from a broken tooth to a hole in a tooth. Unlike dental veneers and crowns, teeth bonding usually takes just one dental visit and is much less expensive than other cosmetic procedures. Your nearby dentist at Stamford Dental Arts uses a composite resin that is colored to match your original teeth.

Cosmetic dental bonding is useful for a wide range of cases. It provides an ideal solution for:

  • Repairing holes left by tooth decay
  • Stopping the spread of infection once it’s healed
  • Filling cavities even after a root canal
  • Replacing older amalgam fillings that look like dark silver in your mouth
  • Improving minor imperfections such pits on your teeth
  • Changing the shape of malformed teeth
  • Providing a protective sheath when your gums have receded due to periodontal disease
  • Filling in minor gaps and spaces between your teeth
  • Encasing teeth that have been cracked or chipped

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding
Dental Bonding
Because it takes such a short time to perform, the teeth bonding procedure is inexpensive compared to other procedures. Best of all, the procedure is minimally invasive as very little of your existing tooth enamel needs to be removed. This helps preserve the integrity of the tooth, preventing bone loss and tooth pain.

But you need to start with a healthy set of teeth. The procedure works well to correct minor tooth imperfections or for teeth that don’t undergo excessive pressure when you bite, such as your front teeth. Plan on 30 to 60 minutes for the tooth repair procedure, and immediately afterward, you can go back to work or continue with your day’s plans without problems.

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Getting Dental Bonding

Your experienced Stamford dentist may recommend that you undergo other procedures prior to the final bonding process, such as teeth cleaning or gum disease treatment. If the bonding material is used for a cavity filling, your dentist may numb the area while drilling out the decay, but the actual placement of the resin is completely painless. A useful shade guide helps your dentist match the composite resin to your natural teeth coloring.

The procedure starts with roughing the tooth surface and applying a conditioning liquid. Both these help the composite resin to stick to the teeth. The resin has a putty-like consistency when it’s applied to a tooth. The mixture is shaped onto the tooth. To harden the resin, a UV light binds the bonding to the tooth. Once the resin hardens, the final stages involve trimming and shaping the resin to achieve the ideal tooth shape. The final step is polishing the resin tooth to match the gloss of your other teeth.

Very nice staff. Dentist was thoughtful and patient – explained everything very thoroughly. Practice also has the latest equipment.

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Aftercare for Your Dental Bonding

Taking care of the cosmetic dental bonding on your teeth is as important as caring for your other teeth. Continue brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily. Your dentist in Stamford, Connecticut provides you with suggestions for extending the life of the bonding, which lasts an average of 10 years.

To ensure that your bonding lasts, take precautions, such as:

  • Stop biting your nails or pencils
  • Avoid hard foods like ice and nuts
  • Drink fewer beverages that stain your teeth, like coffee, black tea and red wine
  • Decrease your intake of turmeric, as the yellow color can stain the bonding
  • Stop using chewing tobacco
  • Quit smoking cigarettes
  • Keep all your routine appointments with your Stamford dentist to avoid major problems

Expert Cosmetic Dental Bonding

When resin bonding is used in conjunction with dental care like filling cavities, it’s likely that your insurance covers all or part of the costs. But when teeth bonding is performed for strictly cosmetic reasons, insurance rarely pays for the procedure. Talk to your dentist if you’re not sure which side your procedure falls on.

At Stamford Dental Arts, you can expect the best treatments. Your dentist Ali Modiri, DDS works closely with your insurance carrier to ensure you get all the coverage you’re entitled to. If necessary, they offer flexible payment options to help you. Don’t let costs keep you from getting the best dental care for you and your family. Contact us today for a consultation.

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