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What Are the Dental Dentures?

Dentures today look more natural and are easier to wear than the false teeth your grandparents had to struggle with. Your nearby Stamford Dental Arts team offers a wide range of options for missing teeth that appear as natural as your real teeth.
From long-lasting dental implants to partial and full dentures, effective and practical solutions are close by. Call today, as these Stamford dentists are accepting new patients!

Dentures are artificial teeth that replace the teeth you’ve lost. Traditional dentures are removable, but different denture designs are available, depending on your comfort level. Dentures can be bonded in place or rely on clasps that connect to your teeth. You can also opt for permanent denture implants.
Dentures may replace all your teeth, just the top, just the bottom or a few missing teeth in a row. The skilled dentists at the cosmetic dentistry centers are experts at creating affordable dentures that fit properly and enhance your appearance. Your local dental team at Stamford, CT can treat both adults and youngsters, as they’re a full-service family dentistry practice that offers restorative services.

Reasons for Tooth Loss

You can lose your teeth in several ways, including:

  • Tooth infection or advanced decay that has gone untreated for an extended period of time
  • Periodontal disease, which leads to damaged gums and shifting teeth, requiring complete tooth removal
  • Severe trauma due to an accident or sports injury resulting in broken teeth that require emergency care
  • Too many cavities that received fillings, weakening the root structure over time
  • Certain diseases — such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or gastrointestinal reflux — that produces excessive stomach acid that erodes the enamel of your teeth

While extensive tooth loss can make you look older than you are, the consequences you experience from tooth loss impact your quality of life in substantial ways. Reasons to talk to your Stamford dentist about dentures include:

  • Inadequate nutrition. When you can’t chew healthy foods properly, you may experience digestive problems and poor overall health.
  • Severe and constant pain. Tooth decay and gum disease lead to overwhelming pain. Removing damaged teeth, undergoing gum disease treatment, and getting partial or full dentures relieve the constant discomfort.
  • Bone loss. When you lose teeth, your bones don’t generate new cells, and eventual bone loss ensues. Implants are especially helpful for maintaining and regenerating new bone to support your facial structures.
  • Altered speech. Speaking becomes more difficult when you don’t have properly fitted dentures or extensive tooth loss.
  • Failed endodontics. Poor dental care in the past, such as a failed root canal treatment, may require the extraction of your teeth.
  • Self-consciousness and lack of confidence. You may be embarrassed about missing teeth, especially in the front of your mouth. You may have difficulty speaking properly. Extensive tooth loss can lead to isolation, depression, and fear of being in public.

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Denture Implant Solutions

Denture Implants
Denture Implants

Denture implants make a great alternative to dentures, but they require oral surgery. Titanium screws are surgically inserted to function as the roots of the artificial teeth. Once the bone and gums have fused to the screws, dental crowns are placed over the screws. You wear temporary crowns until your mouth fully heals.

Your best dental specialists are highly trained and experienced in placing all types of implants. They offer sedation dentistry options to ensure your comfort. While it can take months for your mouth to heal, the results are outstanding and can last a lifetime with proper care. Eventually, you won’t even notice that you have artificial teeth — and neither will anyone else.

Very professional, extremely detailed conscious and comprehensive was my experience first time to this practice. As long as I live in Stamford, they will be my go to for dental needs!

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Traditional Denture Options

Traditional dentures usually are made from acrylic resin or porcelain. While porcelain dentures are more durable and feel more like your natural teeth, but acrylic dentures are easier to adjust and lighter in weight. You can get traditional dental dentures for your lower teeth, upper teeth, or for your entire mouth. Your Stamford dentist may suggest partial dentures if you’re only missing a few teeth.

Lower and upper dentures are usually held together on your gums using suction. Rely only on experienced dentists to create your dentures, because too much pressure to hold the dentures in place can develop into chronic jaw pain. Trust your dentist to make recommendations to suit your specific needs.

Partials for a Few Missing Teeth

Partial dentures are available with a plastic, nylon or metal plate that anchor your missing teeth. Using metal clasps, the artificial teeth are attached between your natural teeth. You can also use a fixed dental bridge as an alternative to a removable partial denture.

Your mouth might feel strange for a few weeks. Your cheeks and tongue also need time to adjust to the dentures. It’s normal to experience an increase in saliva, as well as gum irritation and soreness, but these conditions pass quickly as you adjust.

Caring for Your Dentures

Your dental dentures need just as much care as your natural teeth. Remove and rinse your traditional dentures daily. Always brush your gums, tongue and the roof of your mouth with a soft-bristled brush to stimulate circulation in your tissues. Visit your Stamford dentist twice a year to maintain your dentures and your gum health.

If your dentures develop chips or cracks that require denture repair, your dentist can handle most denture repairs in-house. Don’t suffer the physical and psychological effects of missing teeth. Contact Stamford Dental Arts to learn about the denture options available to you. Flexible payment options allow you to choose the best solution to suit you.

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