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Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Periodontal Disease

It’s rare to find a team of experienced dentists who offer complete family dentistry services — as well as cosmetic, restorative, orthodontics and periodontics diagnoses and treatments — at one location. Your family dentists at Stamford Dental Arts provide a one-stop practice to serve the needs of your entire family, from your children to your parents.
If you or anyone in your family suffers from bleeding and tender gums, your general dentist can provide exceptional gum disease treatment, from the early stages of gingivitis to late-stage periodontitis. Making regular visits to your nearby dentist is still the most effective strategy to fight gum disease in all its forms. Call today to make appointments for everyone in your family before you need periodontics treatment.

Periodontics is a specialized form of dentistry that focuses on treating inflammation or diseases of your gums and the underlying bones and tissues that support your teeth. Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is very common. It ranges from mild inflammation to serious periodontitis. Untreated gum disease can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Your nearby dentist can treat all the various levels of gum disease at Stamford Dental Arts. Treatment is especially effective when the condition is caught in the early stages. A focused treatment plan for infected or diseased gums, along with good dental care at home, may be able to reverse the damage caused by gum disease.

What Causes Periodontal Disease?

Bacteria turn mucus and other particles in the mouth into a sticky film on the teeth called plaque. Regular brushing and flossing can help remove most but not all of the plaque from your teeth. The plaque that isn’t removed hardens and forms tartar that must be removed by a dental professional. Regular bi-annual cleanings ensure that tartar and plaque are thoroughly removed.

The longer plaque and tartar remain on your teeth, the more likely they are to cause other problems, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Tartar buildup can spread underneath the gum line, causing the gum tissue to become inflamed and the enamel on the teeth to erode. Stains and the dark underlayer of dentin show through when your enamel thins. Your teeth become yellowed, requiring tooth whitening after your gums heal.

The Progression of Periodontal Disease

The mildest type of periodontal disease is called gingivitis. With gingivitis, your gums bleed easily and become red and swollen. You may not experience any discomfort at this stage. It’s often reversible with professional treatment from your Stamford dentist, followed up with good home care.

If gingivitis isn’t reversed in its early stage, it can progress to periodontitis. As bacteria continue to grow below the gum line, the tissues and bone supporting the teeth gradually break down. Pockets around teeth deepen, and gums may recede. Symptoms at this point may include:

  • Irritation
  • Discomfort and tooth pain
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages
  • Bleeding when you brush or floss
  • Painful chewing
  • Red and swollen gums

As time passes without treatment, your teeth begin to loosen and may have to be extracted removed. Once your tooth is removed, you need restorative dentistry techniques, such as a single-tooth implant or a bridge, to avoid further consequences to your health and smile.

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Gum Disease Treatment

The goal of periodontal treatment is to reduce inflammation and control the infection in your gums and the tissues that support the gums. To check for gum disease, your top-rated dental specialist investigates the condition of your gums, measures the depth of the pockets around your teeth, and takes digital x-rays to check for bone loss.

Plaque is removed from your teeth with professional cleaning, and your dentist may recommend a deep cleaning to remove build-up above and below the gum line. This form of treatment may help reduce swelling, bleeding, and redness in your gums. Your dentist in Stamford may recommend three or four deep cleaning visits a year to bring your periodontitis under control.

Periodontal Prevention and Treatment at Stamford Dental Arts

The team at Stamford Dental Arts offers preventive dentistry to educate you on how to prevent the development of gum disease and treatment of early to moderate gum disease. If you have severe gum disease or a complex medical history, your family dentist is trained and experienced to provide you with appropriate oral surgery if required. And your comfort is assured as you have several sedation options.

The periodontal prevention and treatment services include:

  • Teeth cleaning. Taking good care of your teeth with daily brushing and flossing along with routine dental visits keeps your gums and teeth healthy.
  • Scaling and root planning. This is a method of deep cleaning below the gum line. After removing bacteria, your dentist scrapes each affected tooth to make it more difficult for bacteria to reattach.
  • Root surface debridement. In this procedure, damaged tissue is removed.
  • Dental implants. Teeth that are lost because of gum disease may be replaced with permanent dental implants.

Tooth decay and periodontal disease are the two biggest threats to the health of your teeth. Any treatment your local dentist performs needs to be accompanied by improved dental hygiene at home. Whether you need a routine checkup or treatment of existing dental concerns, including gum disease, Contact Stamford Dental Arts today.

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