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Can Root Canal Procedure Be Painless?

A root canal is one of the best alternatives to losing a tooth. When the root and nerve are removed from your tooth, what’s left is often strong enough to anchor the tooth and preserve your jaw integrity. The hole in your tooth is filled with a strong resin and then capped.
It’s a short procedure that saves your tooth and doesn’t disrupt surrounding teeth. When you undergo a root canal procedure, you’re treated by experienced, caring dentists who ensure both your health and your comfort during this minor dental surgery. Call your Stamford dentist to find out more.

Root Canal Procedure
Root Canal Procedure

When the pulp in one of your teeth becomes diseased and infected, a root canal procedure is necessary. Your tooth pulp is soft connecting tissue underneath your teeth’ enamel and dentin layers. Consisting largely of blood vessels and nerves, the tooth pulp becomes sensitive when inflamed. Pulpitis is the term for the inflammation of your tooth pulp.

While pulpitis is usually reversible if caught early, extreme cases cause root canal pain — pain the root of your tooth — and require removal of the diseased and infected pulp in a root canal procedure. If you’re suffering from root canal pain, rest assured that you’re not alone. Dentists and oral surgeons perform more than 15 million root canal procedures each year in America.

If you’re searching for a qualified local dentist in Stamford, please visit the expert team at Stamford dental center. They have been proudly serving your community since 2011, and their multilingual staff is ready to listen to you and offer effective solutions. This multi-dentist family practice offers all the services you and your family need to protect and enhance your oral health, including root canals.

Root Canal Damage

If the pulpitis in your tooth has reached the point of becoming an infection, you’re probably feeling some tooth pain. Untreated, the infection will become much worse. If the tooth darkens in color, the tooth’s primary nerve is dying or already dead.

Pulp infections eventually spread to the root canal system of the tooth, and an abscess may result. Abscesses are swollen areas of inflammation around the tooth that collect pus. If you’re suffering from an abscess, you may be experiencing anything from slight tenderness to a dull ache or even extreme pain.

At this point, you require root canal treatment to prevent the infection from spreading and to save the tooth. If you don’t have a root canal promptly, the infected abscess often spreads. You may have to lose the tooth by extraction and undergo more invasive procedures to fight the infection and keep it from spreading to other teeth.

I had a root canal done here and my experience was much better than I expected, compared to the other place I used to visit. Thank you Carol and Dr. Modiri for making my visit quick and easy.

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Root Canal Treatment

Depending on the severity of the infection, a root canal procedure may require from one to three office visits, but usually, your Stamford dentist can accomplish it in one visit. Your dentist first takes x-rays of your teeth to determine the extent of the infection. Once the tooth’s condition has been evaluated, oral surgery can begin.

Your oral surgeon administers a local anesthetic to numb your tooth during the procedure and reduces any possible pain from the root canal procedure. If you need it, other anesthetic options are available to ensure your comfort, including:

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Complete Root Canal Therapy

Once you’re prepared, your Stamford dentist places a protective cover over the area called a “dental dam” to keep the tooth clean and dry during the therapeutic process. He then drills through the top of your tooth and removes the infected pulp material from the tooth’s chamber and root canal.

Afterward, during the cleaning process, the oral surgeon contours the tooth’s interior for the subsequent filling. Your dentist cement in a rubbery biocompatible material called gutta-percha to fill the void in your tooth. He uses a temporary filling to close the top of the tooth until you return to complete the restoration with a dental crown. If your tooth is too weak to secure the crown, he may insert a post inside the tooth for added support.

Root Canal Costs

As with any modern medical treatment, you’re probably wondering, “How much does a root canal cost?” And as with most medical procedures, the answer is, “It depends.” Factors that affect the cost of a root canal treatment include:

  • The extent of the infection
  • Which teeth are involved, as molars cost more
  • The type of dental crown used for restoration

Most dental insurance covers at least some of the treatment cost, and Stamford Dental Arts offers flexible financing options. Do not avoid root canal therapy due to money constraints. You risk losing your tooth and more serious complications.

Root Canal Recovery

If you’re like most people, you probably regard root canal treatment as a daunting event. It’s natural to worry about the discomfort during the procedure and any potential pain afterward. But don’t lose sight of the purpose of the procedure: to eliminate your current root canal pain and avoid more significant problems in the future. The top-rated dentist at Stamford Dental Arts makes the procedure as painless as possible. For some, it’s completely painless.

While you must follow your dentist’s instructions carefully, over-the-counter pain relievers are usually sufficient to reduce any temporary discomfort after the procedure. Contact the experts at Stamford Dental Arts as soon as possible to relieve your tooth pain and get you on track for a healthy mouthful of teeth going forward.

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