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Oral Sedation in Stamford

This method creates a deeper level of sedation than possible with laughing gas and is easy to administer. Our top-rated Stamford dentists Dr. Modiri and Dr. Moghadam will prescribe a medication that you take before your appointment to reduce anxiety. A wide variety of medications are available for this type of sedation, and Dr. Modiri and Dr. Moghadam will carefully discuss your particular needs to determine which choice would work best for you. However, all are classified as anti-anxiety medications and achieve the same result: reducing and even eliminating the anxiety of dental treatment.

Oral Sedation
Oral Sedation
In addition to making your experience more comfortable, oral sedative medications help to reduce your memory of the experience. It also allows us to complete your treatment in fewer appointments and to finish complex procedures in less time. While your treatment is performed, Dr. Modiri and Dr. Moghadam at the dental center in Stamford carefully monitor your vital signs to ensure that your experience is as safe as possible. Another advantage to this type of sedation is that it can safely be used along with laughing gas for an even deeper feeling of relaxation. Because the effects of oral sedation last longer than with laughing gas alone, Stamford Dental Arts recommends you to bring someone to your appointment and drive you home after.

I highly recommend Stamford Dental Arts! Dr & staff are very professional & friendly. They took the time to explained all of my treatment. I’m very pleased and the office is super clean!

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Oral sedation can vary from minimal to moderate and it depends on the total dose received. Minimal sedation involves taking a pill, which is normally called Halcion. It is a member of the same medication family as Valium. You will have to take this pill about one hour before the procedure takes place. After taking this pill, you will feel drowsy but still will be awake. In some cases, a larger dose will be given for the purpose of producing moderate sedation. Sedation dentistry mostly uses this type of anesthesia. Some people might become extremely groggy from moderate oral sedation, making them fall asleep during the procedure. However, a gentle shale can easily awake a patient.

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Dr. Modiri took his time with me unlike other dentists to discuss my issues. He was very thorough and presented me with dental treatment options. Very refreshing.

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